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BLACK FALCON successfully finishes heat battle at 6h race

BLACK FALCON Team TEXTAR Porsche 992 GT3 Cup

At the 6h race of the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS), BLACK FALCON celebrated class victory in the Porsche Endurance Trophy Nürburgring (CUP2 class) in the AM classification as well as second place in the PRO classification. In addition, the team from Meuspath helped the driver trio in the "Permit-B" Porsche to the first of three required results on their way to the Nordschleife Permit-A.


BLACK FALCON Team IDENTICA: Strong second place after flawless race
The 6h race saw the return of an old acquaintance to Team IDENTICA in the form of Hendrik von Danwitz. The 24-year-old was already a regular driver for Team IDENTICA in 2021 and supported Ben Bünnagel and Noah Nagelsdiek at the 6h race. The trio qualified excellently as the best-placed Porsche 992 GT3 Cup in the PRO classification of the CUP2 class. In the course of the race, the #102 fought exciting position battles in the strongly occupied class and, in contrast to some competitors, remained flawless even in the toughest conditions with outside temperatures of more than 30°C. After six hours of racing, the IDENTICA Porsche crossed the finish line in a strong second place.


BLACK FALCON Team TEXTAR: Second victory in the second race
In the AM classification of the Porsche Endurance Trophy Nürburgring CUP2, last year's champion Mustafa Mehmet Kaya, Gabriele Piana and Mike Stursberg were once again the benchmark. The trio put the Porsche 992 GT3 Cup (#103) on an excellent second starting position in class with the second fastest lap time of all 992 Cup cars. In the early stages, starting driver Piana fought an intense duel worth watching with the later second-placed AM car. The Italian finally prevailed and was able to pull away quickly. As the race progressed, the EAE Porsche was the fastest AM car in CUP2 for most of the time, and crossed the finish line as the winner after six hours of racing - the second victory in the second race.

In contrast, for the TEXTAR Porsche Cayman GT4 CS (#931) of Cabell Fisher, Didier Glorieux and Martin Meenen, the 6h race came to an early end after around three hours. After a strong start phase, the car had an accident in the Flugplatz section when it was hit by a faster car while lapping, and was unable to continue the race.

The second TEXTAR-branded Porsche Cayman GT4 CS (#932) started in "Permit B" specification with reduced power. US-Americans Matt Kehoe and Tom Roberts shared the car with NLS returnee Oleksii Kikireshko. The trio successfully completed a so-called permit course on Friday before the 6h race and thus earned the Nordschleife Permit-B, the starting permission for the race on Saturday. The Cayman drivers completed a flawless race and, in the case of Kehoe and Roberts, thus celebrated a successful NLS race premiere on the legendary Nordschleife. By finishing as the best-placed Permit B Cayman in their class, they secured the first of three results necessary to be allowed to drive vehicles of all performance levels on the Nordschleife in the future.


The NLS now takes a two-month summer break and returns on September 9 and 10 with the season highlight, the 12h Nürburgring. The 12h Nürburgring will take place as two independent 6-hour races on the same weekend.


Alexander Böhm, Team Principal and Managing Director of BLACK FALCON:
"Both 992 Cup cars have achieved excellent results thanks to strong driving performances. Our crew worked quickly and without errors during all pit stops and thus contributed decisively to the good results - many thanks to the entire team! With the Permit-B Cayman, we completed the race as planned and did not make any mistakes. This means that Oleksii, Matt and Tom are one step closer to Permit A and can achieve this milestone as early as at the 12h Nürburgring.
Thanks to the high safety standards of the cars, fortunately nothing happened to the drivers in the accident of the #931 Cayman despite the high speed. We will rebuild the car during the summer break and start at the 12h Nürburgring as planned.
We will use the coming weeks to prepare intensively in all areas for the NLS season highlight and are already looking forward to the double-header in September."


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