Driver Development

Reaching the chequered flag faster with coaching and consulting

Many owners of sports vehicles spend high amounts for performance enhancement and tuning their track tools. But one of the greatest potentials for improvement often lies with the drivers themselves. (World) champions don’t merely fall from the sky, and even the reigning world champions in motorsports got to where they are through a great deal of hard work.

Most of us did not spend our childhoods on Kart tracks and thus get introduced to motorsports in young years. And that is the exact target group at which Black Falcon aims its driver development offer. Every driver receives specific support by experienced racing professionals and coaches in accordance with his or her specific skills.

1:1 Coaching®, provided by Black Falcon in association with Gedlich Racing, has proven to be particularly effective for racing sports beginners as well as those who are more experienced. This unique training program, consisting of practical elements as well as data evaluation, is the quickest way to get “up to speed”.

And for those who are in a real hurry there’s even a more intensive way: In the context of the RCN racing series at the Nürburgring, 1:1 Coaching® is even possible during the race!

Driver development also includes advice when choosing the appropriate race series and the right vehicle. But one thing’s clear: Less is often more – because if you are not able to master the Cayman, you shouldn’t even think of trying a Cup Porsche.


Driver development includes:

Getting to the chequered flag faster – with Black Falcon Driver Development!

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