Roller coaster was yesterday!

You enter the pit lane. The smell of gasoline fills the air.

You put on your racing suit. Then the fireproof balaclava. And finally, the racing helmet. Now you’re ready to go. The mechanics take you to the vehicle, which is already waiting for you by the pit. The 6-point harness snaps into place. Now there's no turning back!

And then you’re off. You are pressed into the seat, racing towards the first curves. The centrifugal force is incredible. You race along the fascinating track. Through hollows, over crests, where the vehicle almost takes off. You feel the G-force, the adrenaline, it's hot in the car. You understand what racing means. Then the home stretch: The speedometer reads over 280 km/h. The last turn, and the car takes it in its stride. Back in the pit – you get out of the car with a big grin on your face. What a thrill!

This is an experience you will never forget.

  • BLACK FALCON RaceTaxi Grand Prix
    One-day event · different GP tracks · more than 30 dates per year
  • BLACK FALCON RaceTaxi Nordschleife
    One-day event · Nürburgring Nordschleife with GP circuit · more than 15 dates per year

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