Safety first

So your fun doesn’t land in a ditch

In addition to the optimal suspension, tyres and brakes, the safety of the driver and vehicle are of particular importance to Black Falcon. Only perfectly attuned safety components can ensure that the fun doesn’t fall by the wayside in an emergency.

It makes no difference whether we actually construct a car or simply attend to it – the driver's safety is our top priority. Therefore, we only use components that have proven themselves on the racetrack and comply with extremely high standards.

Black Falcon is an authorized dealer and partner of the company Recaro. Through the market introduction of particularly rigid and stable seats, such as the Recaro P1300GT, Recaro stands out from other bucket seat providers and is therefore our supplier of choice.

We also work together with leading German manufacturers in the areas of safety cages, rollbars and seat belts.

But only when fitted into the car perfectly can these components unfold their complete effect! Here again you can benefit directly from the extensive motorsports experience of our highly qualified Black Falcon technicians.

We’d be happy to advise you competently and extensively in all safety matters. Safety first!

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