Car Hosting

“Hotel with full board" for your sports car

A vehicle that is fun on the racetrack is often not the right solution for motorways. Black Falcon car hosting offers you the combination of comfortable arrival and maximum fun on the track.

Your sports car can be parked in our dry, secure and well-tempered underground garage or representatively in the Black Falcon showroom. Our highly qualified technicians check the vehicle after each excursion on the track, load the battery and do further work on request. At your next visit you can then simply get back into your freshly washed and checked car.

With Black Falcon car hosting this can now be tailored even more specifically to the race track, because driving to and from the racetrack is no longer necessary. Especially with high-quality vehicles, car hosting is particularly worth it: By omitting the kilometres required to transfer the vehicle to the racetrack, kilometre-based depreciation is greatly reduced.

The service provided by Black Falcon car hosting also includes our shuttle service which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week if booked accordingly.